First augmented reality art exhibition on Artinside Gallery

From 14 to 28 February 2019, five artists exhibit their works in the first Italian gallery in augmented reality: Artinside Gallery

The world is changing and technology plays an increasingly decisive role in this change, which also has repercussions in the world of contemporary art.

The tools, languages and aesthetics that characterize contemporary art evolve, and it is precisely through these changes that new paradigms and new opportunities are generated.

Starting from this awareness, and the desire to present new forms of communication through the use of technology — in particular augmented reality — Artebinaria presents the first exhibition entitled “New paradigms“, curated by Art Director Maddalena Grazzini.

For all those artists who wish to expand their boundaries, and explore new realities, technology can be an ally and an accomplice friend” – explains Maddalena Grazzini – and continues with pleasure announcing the opening on Valentine’s Day of “Nuovi Paradigmi”: the first of a series of exhibitions that, on a monthly or fortnightly rotation, is hosted inside the first gallery without walls: Artinside Gallery.

The setting up of the five rooms with works by artists of different origin and sensibility, allows the viewer a journey, through heterogeneous expressive codes: we pass from the evocative canvases of Pino Navedoro, where the arcane Tarot cards dialogue with the viewer, immersing him in a mysterious atmosphere where darkness is overcome by light; to the material works of Susi La Rosa, who, just shaping the material, represents colors, emotions and love for his land: Sicily. Then there are the photographs of Giovanna Sparapani, who recounts femininity: “faceted like a diamond and unpredictable like a labyrinth“. The virtual dialogues again with the works of the Catalan painter Monse Pla, who paints nature with her suave range of colours and filters it through her ethereal sensitivity; the dialogue continues with the canvases of the Finnish painter Kirsi Syrlin who, through enveloping colours and forms that dissolve into each other, reveals much about herself, about her sphere as a woman, mother and artist.

“New Paradigms” is visible from 14 February to 28 February 2019 on Artinside Gallery.

In its five virtual rooms, Artinside Gallery hosts five solo exhibitions by the following artists: Pino Navedoro (Italy), Susi La Rosa (Italy), Giovanna Sparapani (Italy), Kirsi Syrlin (Finland) and Monse Pla (Spain).

The “Artinside Gallery” app is available for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes Store, at the following link:

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