Visit Artinside Museum: the first imaginary museum in augmented reality, where twenty-five masterpieces of visual art from different eras are displayed in space around you, in full size, in five thematic rooms.

You can use Artinside Museum wherever you want: at home, outdoors, alone or with your loved ones.

Hold your device in front of you, while starting the app, and you will find yourself immersed in augmented reality, in front of the access panels that allow you to select the thematic rooms that host the artworks.

Each artwork also has its own sound commentary, in perfect vocal synthesis, in Italian and English, which you can activate simply by “touching” the individual artworks during your visit.

In addition, Artinside Museum updates over time. Just like a real museum, the curator of Artebinaria (an art historian) organizes thematic exhibitions, selecting original and wonderful works of art, and composing each time the five rooms with twenty-five artworks accompanied by original audio commentary.

You don’t need to update the app, the rooms update automatically over time thanks to Artebinaria’s cloud computing platform.