Artinside Gallery – July 2020

From 1st to 31st July 2020, Christo Kasabov (American, Canadian artist, born in Bulgaria), Nathalie Jacquounain (French artist, born in Saint Petersburg), Lorenzo Viscidi Bluer (Italian artist, born in Venice), Dimitris Bakopanos (Greek artist , but grew up artistically in Italy), Rudolph Kasper (American artist at birth, living in Germany), exhibit their artworks inside Artinside Gallery, the first art gallery without walls, in augmented reality.
Art curator by Maddalena Grazzini.


Christo Kasabov is an American, Canadian, born Bulgarian, contemporary artist. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia. He describes his creative process: I use a complex combination of materials developed, and distributed on the surface of the canvas as a challenge, contradiction and defiance of the concept of moderation.

Nathalie Jacquounain was born and raised in Soviet Russia, in Saint Petersburg. She started serious art studies at 10 years old  admitted by examining drawing after nature. Since 1980 she ha lived and worked in France. She has made 14 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions.

Lorenzo Viscidi Bluer, Venice 1962. Artist of the blue of colors of light. Painter with oil colors, acrylic inks and resin on canvas, and sculptor in plexiglas, Murano glass and ceramic. More than 200 exhibitions in worldwide. He was present Collateral Events of 52 Biennale of Venice Art, and 12 Biennale of Venice Architecture. He was invited at 44 Biennale of Venice Art, Artists of Veneto

Dimitris Bakopanos is an artist of Greek origin who grew up, artistically, in Italy.The classic and mythological subjects are the themes of his his works, obvious and humanistic culture. They are consequences of the artist’s childhood, when he had undergone the charm of the art and culture of the ancient Greek.

An American at birth, living in Germany, however he sees himself as a citizen of the world. Going within to listen to your inner muse is a promise Rudolph Kasper, made to himself many moons ago. With a passion for movement, Kasper is an artist that creates worlds that bring motion, meaning and bountiful color into the world we live in. He loves to tell a good story, and nothing gives him more pleasure then to share the meaning behind his work.