From 1st to 31st August 2020, Saskia Bera (Germany), Dekit Painter (France), Aliza Thomas (Israel, Netherlands), Judit Nagy L. – LNJ (Slovakia), Olivia Moélo (France), exhibit their artworks inside Artinside Gallery, the first art gallery without walls, in augmented reality.

Art curator: Maddalena Grazzini.



Saskia Bera, born in Munich in 1974, is a German visual artist who has only recently made her works public. Originally from the area of design, she creates abstract paintings and portraits for contemporary interiors. Her works of art are the language of an inner structure. The focus of the painting process is on the exploration of spaces beyond the sphere of reality. “As I paint, I leave the level of perception known to us and enter into a purely optical dimension. It captures all of my senses. Light, space, colors become sounds, smells and emotions. The result on the canvas is the sensory experience of the viewer.” (Saskia Bera)

Marc Dequidt alias Dekit Painter, started painting in oils from the age of 7. Lived his childhood in Tahiti. Back in France he set up a graphic art studio, and then a printing press. Then devoted 20 years to the creation and restoration of stained-glass windows in Europe, and the Maghreb. All his professional activities have always been based on the image. His creations are the synthesis of different cultures, and know-how often tinged with a note of humor or eroticism.

Aliza Thomas: a long standing artist, papermaker, printmaker combined with martial arts. “This combination offered me a lot of insight into many different cultures, and gave me the opportunity to work and visit many different countries. This is in turn has influenced my artwork as well as my life.  I try to capture the Qi of energy which makes the world as we know it.” (Aliza Thomas)

Judit Nagy L. – L N J, (Hungarian, with a Slovak citizenship and with a residence in Switzerland) was born and grew up in Slovakia, starting to draw from early age. Despite her passion she graduated in Civil Engineering, married, had children and stayed at home. In 2011 she took a pilgrimage to El Camino de Santiago. Today Judit lives and works in Switzerland. She created her own mixed media method painting with wine, resonance Gouache and acrylic dyes with high pigmentation. Her method is called IVVArt, In Vino Veritas Art Method © In 2015 Judit spent a season harvesting and making wine in Winterthur, wine region Neftenbach, Switzerland.

French woman sculptor, Olivia Moélo lives on the French Riviera, working the monumental installations. She transforms  places and rooms from architectural into sensory and intimate spaces. It is works on the intimate, sexual being, feminist, and is right to pleasure. She presents some artworks of serie “Dolls” focused on violence and abused children.