From 1st to 31st October 2020, Dimitris Bakopanos (Greece, Italy), Ansje Visser (Netherlands), Jean-Humbert Savoldelli (France), ID (Russian Federation, Israel), Erven David Samaniego (Argentina), exhibit their artworks inside Artinside Gallery, the first art gallery without walls, in augmented reality.

Art curator: Maddalena Grazzini.

Dimitris Bakopanos (Greece and Italy) is an artist of Greek origin who grew up, artistically, in Italy. The classic and mythological subjects are the themes of  his works. They are consequences of the artist’s childhood, when he had undergone the charm of the art and culture of the ancient Greek.

Ansje Visser, 1959, Amsterdam (Netherlands). “Photography is a form of meditation for me. Travel, nature, everyday life, underwater world and reflections are my favourite themes. I organize photo walks and teach photography. Between 2013 and 2020 I had 5 exhibitions of free work.”

Jean-Humbert Savoldelli (France). “I paint for over 20 years; I started painting by Hyper-realism and Trompe-l’oeil. I’ve learned the basics in a special course of decorative painting. The School of Trompe l’Oeil taught me discipline and a certain technique. Over time these have imprisoned me in limiting the freedom of my desires and my creative choices. I managed to free myself from this constraints by radically changing my way of painting on canvas: in 2013, acrylic, knife and abstract expressionism replaced oil, brush, and hyper realism. Frustrated for so many years my creativity has been very productive. Instead of showing everything to the viewer, I now give him a support to daydream based on color harmonies, perspectives, verticals and horizontals witch occupied space without ever clogging it. I introduced recently a new element in the composition of some of my paintings: sand Mixed with glue and used sparingly, it brings particular look in both effects, that in contrast. Still no or very few spheres and circle in my compositions, they break, I think, refinement that I seek and disrupt the harmony and elegance that I wish to give to my paintings … All my works are protected by a high quality varnish, the edges are painted, usually in black and the paintings are ready to hang.”

Id (Igor Dunaev) (Russian Federation, Israel). A retired graffiti artist, who decided to move towards more traditional means of self-expression. Studied Arts and Experimental Media at the Prague College, Czech Republic. Currently studying at the Stroganov  Moscow State University of Arts and Industry.

Erven David Samaniego (Argentina). Multifaceted artist of great aesthetic register. Passionate, risky, alive and free. It’s an eccentricity in these days of multiculturalism in modern societies. His proactive, thoughtful and dreamy attitude, give him a creative versatility with a lot of character. Born on August 19, 1988 in Argentina, Buenos Aires. He studies at the Carlos Mores School of Fine Arts, in the city of Quilmes, Buenos Aires.  He currently resides in Berlin, Germany, where he dedicates himself to tattooing, plastic arts and dance.