From 1st to 31st January 2021, Evi Baloo (Greece), Carole Bécam(France), Renzo Bemporad (Italy), Carla Frank (Netherlands), Natia Kanelis (Georgia), Fotini Karavasili (Greece), Panagiotis Mamatzaki (Greece), Dekit Painter (France), John Platings (France, UK), Helgard Wertel (Germany, Spain) exhibit their artworks inside Artinside Gallery, the first art gallery without walls, in augmented reality.

Art curator:  Maddalena Grazzini.




About the Artists (Alphabetic Order)

Evi Baloo

Studied painting in Rome and photography in Bologna. Since 2012 she has participated in many group and solo exhibitions. In 2020 she won a Gold Mental and a Silver Mental at the Olympic Photo Circuit Greece

Carole Bécam

She is an artist and a painter. Prompted from her very first pictorial experiments by the desire to transcend matter by mixing colours and light, she has been exploring new paths on her canvasses ever since.

Renzo Bemporad

Born in Venice in 1932, he moved with his family to Florence at the age of six, Renzo Bemporad lived the war, the racial laws and the Holocaust that changed the lives of many Jewish families like his. At the age of 18 he entered as an accountant in a company of wedding favors in Florence to meet the needs of the family. He made a career, got married, and continued in private to nurture his secret love for photography and poetry. In this virtual room he  introduces his shots “Journey to Paris in Lambretta, 1962”.

Carla Frank

My name is Carla Frank, I am 74 years old and I am Dutch. The inspiration to paint has always been there.  With a family and full-time job, after my retirement in 2011,  I was able to start on this passion and I started taking lessons. Although I am self-taught, the lessons have helped me get to where I am today. I still follow the lessons.

Natia Kanelis

My name is Natia Dolidze. I was born and grown up in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. During my school time, I liked performing in theatre, painting and modeling with wax. I have some personal exhibitions at school. In 2006 I moved to Munich in Germany, where I lived with my husband and our child, before we moved in 2011 to The Hague in the Netherlands. 5 years ago i started intensive work. I am preparing for Grandiose’s exhibition. The last 2 years, I paint intensively,  extra orders, but in the coming time I’m planning a lot more. In a few countries to get excited about my personal exhibitions and larger ones. I also have a lot of invitations from various galleries. My effort and devoted my free time in painting and modeling, in order to be able to present my work in an arts exhibition. I paint with oil and acrylic and form figures with model clay. I also discovered the excitement, challenge and peculiarity of painting on acrylic glass, without knowing the final result.



Fotini Karavasili

She painted from a very young age, and studied painting for three years in a workshop of visual and plastic arts, in Thessaloniki. She was involved with graffiti, and was a member of the board of directors of the local association of artists Patra’s of visual arts Kostis Palamas. She has participated in many painting exhibitions from 2011 until today.  She also participated in art symposiums of the municipality of Patras.  She likes to paint surrealism and abstract expressionism.


Panagiotis Mamatzaki

The “look” is a modest invitation to participate in the other person’s life. My aim is to make each person a protagonist and become a troubadour of their life.


Dekit Painter

Marc Dequidt alias Dekit Painter, started painting in oils from the age of 7. Lived his childhood in Tahiti. Back in France he set up a graphic art studio, and then a printing press. Then devoted 20 years to the creation and restoration of stained-glass windows in Europe, and the Maghreb.  All his professional activities have always been based on the image. His creations are the synthesis of different cultures, and know-how often tinged with a note of humor or eroticism.


John Platings

Studied at St. Martin’s School of Art, London. Having concentrated on abstract installation work, I have now returned to figurative work.


Helgard Wertel

Born in Germany, Helgard Wertel studied history of art and philosophy at the University of Heidelberg. She lived and worked in different countries as a dance performer, a photographer and a visual artist. And the way goes on.