From 1st to 28th February 2021 Renzo Bemporad (Italy), Saskia Bera (Germany), Judit Nagy L. LNJ (Slovakia), Brigitte Garcia (France), Seona Sommer (Germany) exhibit their artworks inside Artinside Gallery, the first art gallery without walls, in augmented reality.

Art curator:  Maddalena Grazzini.

Watch the video of the art exhibition in augmented reality

About the Artists 

Renzo Bemporad (Italy)

Born in Venice in 1932, he moved with his family to Florence at the age of six, Renzo Bemporad lived the war, the racial laws and the Holocaust that changed the lives of many Jewish families like his. At the age of 18 he entered as an accountant in a company of wedding favors in Florence to meet the needs of the family. He made a career, got married, and continued in private to nurture his secret love for photography and poetry.

Saskia Bera (Germany)

Saskia Bera, born in Munich in 1974, is a German visual artist who has only recently made her works public. Originally from the area of design, she creates abstract paintings and portraits for contemporary interiors. This is her second exhibition at the Artinside Gallery. Starting point of the current portrait series are photos taken from social media. People stage themselves there with the desire for a targeted self expression. The artist tries to take all this out of the representation. The expression of the face gives way and the anatomy remains. A strange emptiness arises. This impression is also partly reinforced by bubble formation, and flowing elements in the color course.


Judit Nagy L. LNJ (Slovakia)

Judit Nagy L. – L N J, (Hungarian, with a Slovak citizenship and with a residence in Switzerland) was born and grew up in Slovakia, starting to draw from early age. Despite her passion she graduated in Civil Engineering, married, had children and stayed at home. In 2011 she took a pilgrimage to El Camino de Santiago. Today Judit lives and works in Switzerland. She created her own mixed media method painting with wine, resonance Gouache and acrylic dyes with high pigmentation. Her method is called IVVArt, In Vino Veritas Art Method © In 2015 Judit spent a season harvesting and making wine in Winterthur, wine region Neftenbach, Switzerland


Brigitte Garcia (France)

Brigitte Garcia is a French artist-painter. She studied art, literature and paramedics. She currently lives and works in Saint Nazaire. While her work is abstract and expressionist, she doesn’t seek to escape from reality. Her latest series evokes the theme of the garden during the lockdown. Brigitte Garcia exhibits her work in France and abroad.


Seona Sommer (Germany)

Figurative artist Seona Sommer lives and works in Cologne, Germany.She has been painting since 2004 and is predominantly self-taught. Her works haven been exhibited all over Germany and in other European countries. They have also been published in art magazines internationally.