From 1st to 30th June 2021, Bungo Morita (Japan), Hans Johansson (Sweden), Dekit painter (France), Ann Lund Wahlberg (Denmark), PZArtist (Italy), Stanley Gonczanski (Argentina, Chile), Walter Rast 1965/KABK/ (Netherlands), Rachel Mohawege (Austria, Lebanon), Renzo Bemporad (Italy) exhibit their artworks inside Artinside Gallery, the first art gallery without walls, in augmented reality.

Art curator:  Maddalena Grazzini.

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Bungo Morita (Japan)

Born 1975 Japan. Education 1996 Central Art School, Tokyo, Japan. For me, the act of drawing an abstract painting may be like an eternal journey to find a state of selflessness. (Bungo Morita)

Hans Johansson (Sweden)

Hans Johansson is a Swedish artist: a draftsman, a painter, with an established artistic background.

Dekit painter (France)

Marc Dequidt alias Dekit painter, started painting in oils from the age of 7. Lived his childhood in Tahiti. Back in France he set up a graphic art studio, and then a printing press. Then devoted 20 years to the creation and restoration of stained-glass windows in Europe, and the Maghreb. All his professional activities have always been based on the image. His creations are the synthesis of different cultures, and know-how often tinged with a note of humor or eroticism.

Ann Lund Wahlberg (Denmark)

I have a great passion for painting people and angels. People are all unique to me and I believe that we all have some very valuable skills and talents that can bring joy to others and ourselves. We can be like angels to each other. I paint with my mouth because of my disability – paralysed from my neck and down! I paint mostly with acrylic and watercolor. I’m self taught and full-time artist. I have been painting for many years and I have had a lot of Exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad. (Ann Lund Wahlberg)

PZArtist (Italy)

Poliedric italian artist, who ranges from painting to computer graphics (2D,3D), creating performances and installations which combine music, visual art and technology.

Stanley Gonczanski (Argentina, Chile)

Stanley Gonczanski, multimedia artist, Creative Director and filmmaker. His internationally exhibited series ALMOST CLASSiC, addresses the issues of our society by changing the Classic Masterpieces. The result, completely new, ironic and pop artworks with a satirical twist. 

Walter Rast 1965/KABK/ (Netherlands)

The use of materials plays an important role in his work. He uses a range of techniques to apply sand, cement, pure pigments, metal and paper to his paintings, and give them a layered, lived-in appearance.


Rachel Mohawege (Lebanon/Austria)

I am of lebanese origin living in Austria. I developed a special focus on the peaceful power of the woman in time and space, defeating the patterns of the past. My paintings are an ode to the inner Goddesses, taking their space and rights, life and society and looking at the world with wide open eyes. My award winning artworks have been represented in international galleries and artshows. The use of gold plate and silver emphasize the glorification of the woman, their languid looks with exaggerated big eyes are the windows to their souls as well as the big binocular look at society, their elongated neck represents the fragility and strength that serves as bridge between heart and mind. (Rachel Mohawege)

Renzo Bemporad (Italy)

Born in Venice in 1932, he moved with his family to Florence at the age of six, Renzo Bemporad lived the war, the racial laws and the Holocaust that changed the lives of many Jewish families like his. In private he continued in private to nurture his secret love for photography and poetry.


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