How to free your artworks from the limits of space and time? How to give your artworks the gift of ubiquity?

Artebinaria is pleased to announce that the new version of Artinside Gallery, called Artinside Gallery+” is now available, for artists looking for a totally innovative exhibition space.

What is Artinside Gallery+?

Artinside Gallery+ is an advanced software platform, which allows an artist (or an art collective) to set up a virtual “Pavilion” in augmented reality. A “Pavilion” is a personal digital exhibition space in augmented reality,  consisting of 5 virtual rooms, containing up to 25 artworks.

 Each artwork is displayed in augmented reality, in life size, and in extremely accurate detail.

The “Pavilion” also contains credits and contact details of the artist and of the artworks.

What is Artinside Gallery+ for?

Each “Pavilion” is associated to a special digital QR Code Card, which artists receive from Artebinaria. Artist can show the Card online, share it, or print it as a business card.

Using their QR Code Card, artists can invite professionals in the art market to an imaginary journey in their own studio, with a realism unthinkable to obtain in a web art portal, in a 3D application, or in a printed catalogue.

Artists can also create their personal events and make a video of their pavilion, anywhere and anytime.

How do visitors use the QRCode Cards?

Visitors download the “Artinside Gallery+” app on the App store. It is free.

By tapping the “Scan QR Code” button on the main screen of the app, the camera is activated, and visitors scan the QR Code on the Card, and enter the Pavilion directly, in augmented reality.

They decide where and when to visit the galleries: outdoors or indoors, day or night, alone or with friends or colleagues. The artworks, represented digitally in a highly accurate way, materialise in life-size  in the space around the visitors.

Visitors can admire the artworks as if they were right in front of them. They can admire the artworks by moving around them from any side, and can also get close to the artworks to examine the smallest details.

Introducing Artinside Gallery+