Artebinaria presents augmented reality art exhibitions in Artinside Gallery +

From 1 to 31 August 2021, Artebinaria presents three international artists exhibiting their artworks in augmented reality within Artinside Gallery+, Gro Folkan (Norway), Spiros Panourgias (Greece) and Ana Ingham (United Kingdom)

Artist: Gro Folkan

Gro Folkan exhibits 25 artworks in augmented reality in a Pavilion inside Artinside Gallery+. There are five thematic rooms, in which her augmented reality solo exhibition is organized: “Female Runes“, “Talking with the Earth“, “Before the eyes focus“, “The Space Between Thoughts” and “Still uncertain  if the sound will arrive“. Exploring the Pavilion dedicated to Gro Folkan, the visitor takes a fascinating and refined journey where the expressive power and technique of the Norwegian artist intertwine with color, in a personal introspection, in a search for the universal and profound essence, for the hidden aspects of reality; where the present meets the past, and the archetypes are the guides between the flat paths and the most tortuous routes that we face every day in our lives.

Fire, light, nature, past, present: Gro Folkan’s artworks are rich compositions in which every detail is well measured and nothing is left to chance. 

Her images – as the artist writes – are like dear brothers or sisters holding your hands as you walk in dangerous landscapes.  Return the light, your strength. You have it all in you. Talk with the images that arise in yourself.

Watch: Video of the art exhibition in augmented reality, in Florence

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Artinside Gallery Gro Folkan

Artist: Spiros Panourgias

Greek artist Spiros Panourgias exhibits 5 artworks, through which he tells us the visual story of a fascinating female character. The young woman, a beautiful oriental dancer, begins her sensual dance, performing perfect movements with great discipline. Thus she enchants the spectators, while music fills the air. The audience watching her show, submits to her magical essence, and mastery.  Her show ends, the curtain falls and the applause subside, but the city lights illuminates the road  that will lead her to fame and glory.

Spiros Panourgias was born in Greece in 1973. He studied graphic design, with a master degree on computer graphic design. He represented Greece at Florence Biennale in 2017. He has been awarded in exhibitions and competitions in Greece and abroad. 

Watch: Video of the art exhibition in augmented reality, in Florence

Artist: Ana Ingham

The English painter and writer Ana Ingham, presents 5 artworks in which three elements dominate: matter, color and abstraction.

As the English artist writes, her creativity is about finding a unique synthesis between reality and abstraction. Since an early age, she was driven to writing and painting. This was her way of coming to terms with the reality of life, and her artistic sensibility always tended to a zone between reality and abstraction. She wanted to look closely at the reality and see it clearly, yet also stand aside and see the reality behind a hue, a mist. This duality created an emotional suspense, which is perhaps the source of her poetic sensibility.

Watch: Video of the art exhibition in augmented reality, in Florence

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Artinside Gallery Plus Augmented Reality August