Artinside Museum, the augmented reality museum without walls, has been designed and produced by Artebinaria to offer a totally new relationship between visitor and artwork. 

The app, available for iPhone and iPad (an Android version is also being developed), goes beyond the traditional model of interaction between a visitor and a work of art, which generally takes place through the filter of a two-dimensional screen (on a computer, tablet, touchscreen or smartphone), which prevents perception of natural size, and thus causes a cognitive leap between the observer and the observed object. 

The traditional use of the mouse, or a set of gestures (such as pinch, or swipe), although now established forms of interaction, do not correspond to our natural ways of interacting with the surrounding environment – and in particular with objects located in the real world – and therefore cannot come close to an experience that can deeply activate the rational and emotional spheres of our interaction with the world around us.

With Artinside Museum, on the other hand, the mobile device truly becomes a direct extension of one’s senses and perception, thanks to augmented reality, superimposed on the surrounding world. 

The visiting experience is thus as close as possible to that of moving freely around real works of art: taking a step closer to observe the details up close, taking a few steps backwards to get an overview, or moving around the artworks to change your experience of perspective. 

In addition, the audio commentary associated with each artwork, which can be activated directly within augmented reality by simply “touching” the individual artworks, has been written by an art historian, and is then synthesised in Italian and English through an artificial voice using Neural TTS technologies. The descriptions are designed to offer anyone a first contact with the themes and meanings associated with each work of art, and the artists who created them.

Artebinaria – augmented imagination – is a company based in Florence, Italy, totally dedicated to the production of augmented reality applications and services in the field of art history (Artinside Museum) and contemporary art (Artinside Gallery+).

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Artinside Museum

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