The impossible becomes possible

You have to want the impossible, because the impossible can happen.


It could be very difficult, if not impossible, to exhibit works of art simultaneously in the rain, on the seashore, in Piazzale degli Uffizi, or in front of the Eiffel Tower, in a beautiful historical garden, or in a mysterious and enchanting forest.

You have to want the impossible, so that the impossible can happen” – said the philosopher Heraclitus, and so a high-tech, yet extremely easy-to-use solution was born that makes the above possible. The solution is called Artinside Gallery+.

Artinside Gallery+ makes it easy to set up your own virtual exhibition, anywhere, anytime, offering your visitors a level of realism and engagement that was unthinkable just a few years ago, thanks to the use of augmented reality, cloud computing and an app for smartphones and tablets that can be used for free to access individual art collections.

PZArtist’s Artworks in Artinside Gallery+ (in front of the Eiffel Tower and in front of the Florence Cathedral)
On the left: PZArtist’s Artworks in Artinside Gallery+, (Stibbert Garden). On the right: Gro Folkan’s artworks in Artinside Gallery+ (Piazzale degli Uffizi)

A new exhibition format

This is not about graphic effects or cinematic special effects, but a special application of augmented reality technology in the art world, which Artebinaria has created for artists and art galleries, offering a powerful marketing tool, in order to promote their art collections, and to increase the likelihood of selling their artworks, through an original use of augmented reality.

Artinside Gallery+ makes it possible to bring art into spaces where it is not normally found, to create an unusual conversation between the artwork and its surroundings, to present artworks in a way we would never have unthinkable until a few years ago, thanks to the use of augmented reality.

The works of art are immersed in different contexts and at different times of the day, thus also reflecting the perceptible changes in light on the surfaces, which had so interested French impressionist painters.

On the left: Judit Nagy L.’s Artwork in Artinside Gallery+(on the seashore). On the right: Spiros Panourgias’ Artworks in Artinside Gallery+ (at night)

The visitor in Artinside Gallery+

The visitor is not a passive observer, but an active spectator, who decides where and when to participate in the augmented reality art exhibition.

Through the Artinside Gallery+ app, visitors can walk through the five rooms without walls of each Pavilion – dedicated to a single artist or a single art gallery, admire the artworks, and read the information sheets on each room, each artwork, and each artist.

The visiting experience offered by Artinside Gallery+ is much closer to that of a real art gallery than to that of a traditional digital world, as the artworks – although represented through digital images – are rendered in natural size in the space around the visitor, as if they were hanging on the invisible walls of an ideal exhibition space (the room in the Pavilion). 

The visitor interacts with the artworks just as they would in the real world, through their mobile device, which is in this case only a pure sensory extension. 

Observing the real world through their device, on which the software generates and superimposes the display of the artworks in a perceptively credible way, the visitor physically moves around the pavilion’s rooms, approaches a work of art to observe its details, moves away to get an overall view, moves to the side to observe it from different perspectives, or moves around a virtual room to observe the artworks exhibited as a whole inside it.

Artinside Gallery+ and augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to enrich your sensory perception by superimposing a digital content on the real world.

And it is thanks to the synthesis between the real world and the digital world offered by augmented reality that, by using Artinside Gallery+, artists and art galleries can now offer their visitors and clients (professionals and non-professionals) an absolutely engaging and innovative experience, which allows them to appreciate every single artwork, almost as if they were inside a real exhibition space.

Artinside Gallery+ indoors

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