The Fortune-Teller comes to life in life-size (101.9 x 123.5 cm) in your living room, in augmented reality, thanks to the app Artinside Museum, available on the App Store, for iPhone and iPad.

Georges de La Tour’s masterpiece is part of Artinside Museum’s second collection, dedicated to the theme of Portraits. The painting is exhibited in the second room dedicated to portraits of the 16th and 17th centuries, and is one of the most interesting examples of group portraits.

The original is conserved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Portraits in Artinside Museum

The second collection of Artinside Museum presents 25 masterpieces focused on the portrait genre from the 15th to the 20th century.

Moving through the rooms dedicated to the theme “Portraits”, you can admire in life-size Portrait of Ginevra dei Benci, by Leonardo da Vinci, Portrait of a Young Man by Bronzino, L’Arlésienne: Madame Joseph-Michel Ginoux, by Vincent Van Gogh, the Self-Portrait by Rembrandt, the Self-Portrait by Egon Schiele, and many other extraordinary masterpieces.

The Fortune-Teller

The French painter presents five eccentrically dressed three-quarter length figures. At the center, a boy is showing his right hand to the elderly gypsy, so that she can tell his fortune. While he is listening to the old woman’s words, the the woman’s companions skillfully rob him. One cuts a heavy gold medal, the other takes the bag with the money out of his pocket. 

The faces of the characters are expressive and intense. At the top right there is the author’s signature and the name of the place where the canvas was painted: Lunéville. 

Get up close to ‘The Fortune-Teller’ by Georges de La Tour  in Augmented Reality, using Artinside Museum

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Georges de La Tour 

Vic-sur-Seille 1593 – 1653 Lunéville

Georges de La Tour was a French painter of the first half of 17th century. He was influenced by the naturalism and chiaroscuro of Caravaggio. He depicted interior scenes lit only by the glare of candles or torches. Son of a baker, he acquired the noble title with his marriage. He spent a comfortable life in Lorraine. A considerable part of his production was destroyed in a fire in the city of Lunéville, in 1638. 

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