Maddalena Grazzini, art director of Artebinaria, presents Gro Folkan.

Memory and mystery of ancient knowledge are often the fundamental essence of the journey, that we all make every day, step by step, through desolate, unknown, fragmented paths, where light alternates with darkness, silence with noise, movement with stasis.

The Norwegian artist Gro Folkan highlights her roots, bringing into her compositions feminine runes and ancient Nordic divinities, with their fascination and mystery, using an extremely contemporary and refined language.

Gro Folkan’s experimentation with materials and shapes is the result of a refined mastery of the technique: the materials seem to vibrate on the canvas, and the color combines masterfully with metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum or brass.

In the artworks of the Norwegian artist, we enter into a dialogue with our origins, and swirling like water, lifting from the earth, we search for light, our strength and our essence, to dance without fear and to move with awareness along the paths, even the most tortuous ones, that we walk every day in our lives.

Maddalena Grazzini

Visit the Pavilion in Augmented Reality in Artinside Gallery dedicated to Gro Folkan (Norway).

Download “Artinside Gallery+” on the App Store (for iPad and iPhone) and enjoy Gro Folkan’s Pavilion: 25 artworks come to life around you in life-size!

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