Maddalena Grazzini, art director of Artebinaria, presents Judit Nagy L. LNJ.

Choosing the right wine for the table is not always an easy task: the difficulties lie not only in matching the wine to the dishes, but it’s always necessary to consider people’s taste, price, preference for a bottle from a specific territory or from a specific farm.

Imagine how much more elaborate and difficult it can be to choose a wine for matching the emotions, the sensations to express in a painting, and how much creativity and mastery of technique is needed for creating a wine painting in harmony with gouache, acrylic, watercolor, and the subject of the painting itself.

This challenge has been overcome by the artist Judit Nagy, who created her own method of painting with wine, ‘IVVArt – In Vino Veritas Art Method ©’. Through this personal technique, Judit has created really unique artworks, in which she highlights the value of love as food for the spirit, and the value of art as a vibe of positivity. 

Through her artworks, Judit invites us to focus on the present, to enjoy all the moments that life offers, whether they are quiet or troubled, always holding to  our deepest authenticity. Her paintings lead us to focus on the present, to ask ourselves questions about our own identity, to find our essence, to dance to the rhythm of music even if the world is falling apart.

The art of Judit is a heady distillation of genuine and authentic creativity.

Maddalena Grazzini

Visit the Pavilion in Augmented Reality in Artinside Gallery dedicated to Judit Nagy L. LNJ (Slovakia-Switzerland).

Download “Artinside Gallery+” on the App Store (for iPad and iPhone) and enjoy Judit Nagy L. LNJ’s Pavilion: 25 artworks come to life around you in life-size, in augmented reality!

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