Maddalena Grazzini, art director of Artebinaria, presents Spiros Panourgias.

The wind ruffles her long black hair, while her gaze is lost in a spot outside our field of vision. Behind her, the light blue of the water blends with the green of the promontory. A grey frame delimits the composition. Where is the young MIYUKI? What thoughts crowd the melancholic, oriental looking figure?
Her face, half tinted with colour and half with greyish hues, seems to reveal a dual essence, where opposites – such as shadow and light, joy and pain, death and life, silence and noise – constantly coexist.

The Greek artist Spiros Panourgias captures in his artworks the oriental female beauty, but he does not wrap his figures in a cold and impassible tower of glass, but rather he covers them with an unperceivable vibrant emotional hue, making them pulsating souls, with a strong identity.

Not only a fine interpreter of oriental feminine charm, Spiros Panourgias also pays homage to the beauty of his homeland landscapes.

Through a series of artworks inspired by his travels in the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, the artist leads us to evocative places, and it’s up to us as spectators to decide whether to climb aboard one of the typical wooden boats, to plunge into the marvellous Aegean Sea, or to have a walk through the narrow streets, up or down the stairs, leading to breathtaking landscapes and places.

Maddalena Grazzini

Visit the Pavilion in Augmented Reality in Artinside Gallery dedicated to Spiros Panourgias (Greece).

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