Carolina Ramonde talks to us about her art, answering 10 questions, using the 5 W’s

(Who, What, Where, When, Why).


Who are you?

I’m Carolina Ramonde, an Italian-Uruguayan artist specialized in oil paintings and a Techspressionist as I like to use technology to intervene in my paintings, transforming them sometimes into digital works. 

Who are your favorite artists?

Monet, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Caravaggio, Banksy, José Cuneo. Alchemical Art and symbology are very interesting to me also.



What themes does your art focus on? 

My art focuses on spirituality, what’s going on in my internal world, nature, and global events that call my attention like climate change, natural disasters and political events. 


What is your hallmark as an artist?

What distinguishes my art is the use of restricted palettes, usually monochrome in blue, beige or bright colors and my signature way of using the oil painting leaving the mark of the brush or spatula, “oleo contrassegnato”.


What music or other audio do you listen to while you work?

I like to listen to music related to the theme of the painting or the mood that I’m in. Sometimes I listen to something interesting that’s going on in the world. Other times I appreciate the silence or the sounds of nature.


When did you decide that art was part of you and your life?

Early on in my life, drawing was all I was interested in, during pre-school and there I won my first artistic contest at the age of 5 yrs. old. Growing up I had studied everything that call my attention related to art: Interior Designer, Fashion Designer, Garden Designer, Painting and Art History, Sculpture, Computer Design programs, 3D Design, Augmented and Virtual Reality, NFT’s design.


Where do you work on your artwork?

I like working outside in a garden or patio when the weather is good, if not I work wherever I find a quiet place as I like to focus and paint non-stop till the artwork is done archiving “alla prima” status or until I decide to leave it to dry for the next layers.

Where would you like to see your artworks exhibited?

At the best Global Museums, Art Biennials like I have exhibited in the past and of course at the house of collectors who love my art and value its originality and quality.


Why do you make art?

Facing a blank canvas I get into a meditation state and creation starts. I translate into the artwork my thoughts, worries and the message I want to transmit to the world and to the generations to come.

Why do you think art is important in our society?

 Art is a universal language, makes people think and it brings sensibility to the souls. You can tell a lot about people looking at the art that they like and what they select to collect. 

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