Carla Frank talks to us about her art, answering 10 questions, using the 5 W’s

(Who, What, Where, When, Why).


Who are you?

My name is Carla Frank, I was born in 1946 in Amsterdam Netherlands and only after my retirement in 2011 I started to develop my passion through painting.

Who are your favorite artists?

Vincent Van Gogh, Renoir and Claude Monet. From the golden age: Rembrandt van Rijn Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals; then Edward Hopper, but also the work of Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Keith Haring, Banski, Alphons Mucha, appeals to me. In photography Annie Leibovitz, and still photographer Stephan Schillemans.



What themes does your art focus on? 

Shape, composition, use of color, technique.


What is your hallmark as an artist?

I am self-taught.


What music or other audio do you listen to while you work?

That depends on what my subject is and it is very diverse, classical orchestral, opera, jazz, light vocal and instrumental film music, rock, tango etcetera.


When did you decide that art was part of you and your life?

All my life, my example was my father, art and music lover.

I have this little anecdote to tell you.

After a concert at the Arena di Verona, I decided to paint the catacombs of the Arena, which got the theme “abandoned” in my head.  After visiting several abandoned buildings, during my tour through Italy, I made a series of abandoned paintings in 2018.


Where do you work on your artwork?

Indoors in my studio on the top floor and in nature in spring and summer.

Where would you like to see your artworks exhibited?

Exhibitions, galleries, Artebinaria.


Why do you make art?

For peace in my inner self.  For others, who can appreciate my art.

Why do you think art is important in our society?

Art originates from man and is therefore a representation of man in whatever form. It makes us think, about ourselves and about society. It contributes to a better social environment, better manners between people and better understanding between cultures.

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