Now the “Artinside Gallery+” app allows you to easily record videos in high resolution during your Augmented Reality sessions
In no time at all, you will be able to create exceptional presentations of your artworks, displayed in the most suitable and evocative contexts, which you can then distribute and share on your social channels.

How does the new feature work?

Through the new ‘Screen Recording‘ feature, you can easily record videos during your Augmented Reality Pavilion visit, right in the context you are in, using a button inside the Artinside Gallery+ App.

So, choose the best context where you want to show your artworks, launch the Artinside Gallery+ app, enter your Augmented Reality Pavilion, and press the button in the bottom right corner of the screen to start recording.
Don’t forget to grant permissions to enable access to the screen recording!

Move around the pavilion physically, get close to an artwork to observe its details, move away to get an overall view, move to the side to observe it from different perspectives, or move around a virtual room to observe the artworks exhibited as a whole.
If you want to include information about your artwork or the rooms in the video, simply run the “long press” on the artwork or the menu banner.

When you decide to stop recording, press the record button on your device again. Your video is automatically saved to the Photo Gallery on your device.
The first time you save your video you will be asked for permission to save the video to the photo gallery on your device. Then grant permission to save the video on your device.

Watch our tutorial

Share the video of your Pavilion in augmented reality

Once the video has been saved in the photo gallery of your device, you can edit it, or publish it directly on your social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube.
In a very simple way, you have a great presentation of your work.
You can record your videos anywhere, outdoors, indoors, at dawn or at dusk, on a sunny day or in the rain, but you can also ask your audience, anywhere in the world, to record videos of your work in particular contexts and share them using your hashtag. This way you increase your brand awareness and spread your Art everywhere!

Watch the video of “making of” December 2020, Artinside Gallery

Even in the rain you can record very special videos.

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