Ada Kaminska talks to us about her art, answering 10 questions, using the 5 W’s

(Who, What, Where, When, Why).


Who are you?

I’m Ada Kaminska, I’m from Poland. I’m an abstraction painter.

Who are your favourite artists?

Mark Rothko


What themes does your art focus on?

I paint landscapes, travel frames, fractions of space, moments of light, real and unreal.

What is your hallmark as an artist?

My paintings are clear, luminous but expressive in expression.


What music or other audio do you listen to while you work?

Once I like to listen to Savina & Drones and other times Dog Eat Dog.


When did you decide that art was part of you and your life?

When I was 11, I saw a painting by Mark Rothko for the first time in a newspaper. This image took over me completely. Then I knew that I would be a painter of emotions. I have always been creating. For 34 years, painting is with me and I am painting.


Where do you work on your artwork?

I only paint in my studio, only by myself.

Where would you like to see your artworks exhibited?

I would like to see my painting at the exhibition at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center and at MoMA in New York.


Why do you make art?

Art is my life, it’s simple.

Why do you think art is important in our society?

Art gives freedom that is so little today.

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