Artebinaria Launches Artinside Exhibition for the Art Industry

The new software platform designed to create evocative location-based art exhibitions in augmented reality, for artists, art galleries, museums, collectors or art curators.

Artebinaria  has just announced the launch of Artinside Exhibition: a new software platform that enables all operators in the art industry to create evocative location-based art exhibitions in augmented reality. 

This includes artists, art galleries, museums, collectors, and art curators.

Combining the best features of Artebinaria’s previous offerings – Artinside Gallery, Open-Air Museum, Artinside Experience – Artinside Exhibition is a powerful solution that’s transforming the world of art exhibitions.

Innovative Exhibitions in Augmented Reality

With Artinside Exhibition operators in the art industry can t set up one or more exhibition spaces, that are geo-localized in the real world but visitable in augmented reality.

Artinside Exhibition enables the creation of suggestive installations, where collections of visual artworks come to life in life size in augmented reality around visitors, as if hanging on the invisible walls of imaginary exhibition rooms. 

Exhibitors can discover the limitless possibilities of Artinside Exhibition, in setting up widespread exhibitions, and even traveling exhibitions in augmented reality.

The platform empowers everyone in the art industry to harness the power of augmented reality in a simple, cost-effective, and innovative way.

High-Quality and Realistic Experience

To visit one of the Artinside exhibitions, visitors can download the Artinside Exhibition app, available for iPhone and iPad. Using the potential of Apple technologies for augmented reality, Artebinaria provides visitors and exhibitors with an absolutely high-quality and realistic experience.

Admire Artworks Like Never Before

Inside the virtual rooms of the exhibition space, visitors can admire the artworks, displayed in life-size as if they were hanging on invisible walls which do not conceal their surroundings.

Moving within each imaginary room, visitors can admire the artworks from any perspective. In particular, it is possible to get close to an artwork to discover all its details, or touch an artwork in space to view its information sheet. 

Technological Innovation in the Art World

In conclusion, Artinside Exhibition is the perfect way for everyone in the art industry to show and experience artworks like never before, through technological innovation. Artebinaria’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the art world through the application of augmented reality is apparent in this new platform.