Unveiling the Magic of Rembrandt's Flora in Augmented Reality: Visit Artebinaria Open-Air Museum

Step into the realm of ancient Roman mythology with Flora, visiting the "Artebinaria Open-Air Museum"

In the realm of ancient Roman mythology, Flora reigns supreme as the goddess of flowers, blooming plants, and the arrival of spring. Throughout the ages, artists have been captivated by her timeless charm and have sought to depict her beauty. Today, we have the opportunity to witness Rembrandt’s masterpiece, Flora, in a whole new light.

A timeless Masterpiece Brought to life

Rembrandt, the legendary Dutch painter of the 17th century, possessed a unique ability to breathe life into his subjects. His depiction of Flora is no exception. 

Flora is scattering flower, gathered in her lap, as a sign of nature’s rebirth. This work is thought to depict Rembrandt’s wife, Saskia, as Flora. She has a floral headdress over her hair, including cherry branches.

Explore Artebinaria's Augmented Reality Museum

To truly immerse yourself in the captivating world of Flora, we invite you to visit Artebinaria Open-Air Museum: location based museums in augmented reality. You can experience Rembrandt’s Flora like never before in the first room of the Pavilion dedicated to Mythology.

Admire the play of light and shadow to this amazing work of art and appreciate Rembrandt’s genius in a whole new way.

How to Embark on Your Augmented Reality Adventure

If you are in Maastricht (at Vrijthof Square), or in Florence (at Piazzale Michelangelo), or in London (at 235. Regent St., in front of the Apple Store) or in  New York (at Great Hill, in Central Park), download  the”Artebinaria Open-Air Museum” app on the App Store, for iPhone and iPad.

Choose a thematic Pavilion and enter Augmented Reality.

Inside the virtual rooms of the Pavilions, you can admire the artworks, displayed in life-size, as if they were hanging on invisible walls which do not conceal their surroundings. 

Moving within each imaginary room, you can admire the artworks from any perspective. In particular, it is possible to get close to an artwork to discover all its details, or touch an artwork in space to view its information sheet. 

Share Your Enchanting Journey

In addition to exploring the Open-Air Museum, you have the opportunity to take photos of your visit through the app, which you can then share with friends and on your social media channels, making the experience even more memorable.

Share your thoughts, feelings, and any insights you gained from this unique encounter. Let’s celebrate art and the power it holds to transcend time and space.

Spread the Word

Don’t forget to invite your friends, family, and fellow art enthusiasts to join this extraordinary Artebinaria Open-Air Museum visit. Together, let’s embrace the fusion of art and technology and unlock new dimensions of art history.

The Magic of Artebinaria Open-Air Museum

Let Rembrandt’s brushstrokes inspire you,  and ignite your imagination. Prepare to witness the magic unfold before your very eyes, visiting Artebinaria Open-Air Museum!