Discover Artebinaria's New Open-Air Museums: Masterpieces in Augmented Reality

Artebinaria Unveils Open-Air Museums Across the Globe!

We are thrilled to announce that Artebinaria is expanding its Open-Air Museum collection to cities around the world.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey where art blends seamlessly with the urban landscape. With our cutting-edge technology, we bring you an innovative way to explore and appreciate art masterpieces like never before.

Discover the Cities

Explore the following destinations and their respective main squares where Artebinaria’s Open-Air Museums await your discovery:

  • Athens: Embark on a journey through the birthplace of democracy and uncover its rich artistic legacy. Discover Artebinaria Open-Air Museum in Syntagma Square and near the Parthenon at the Acropolis of Athens.
  • Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Barcelona’s main square, Plaça de Catalunya, where Artebinaria’s Open-Air Museum offers an engaging exploration of augmented reality art mastepieces.
  • BrusselsGrand Place. Step into the heart of Brussels’ historic center and be captivated by Artebinaria Open-Air Museum in the magnificent Grand Place.
  • Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo. Visit the iconic Plaza de Mayo, a symbolic location in Buenos Aires’ history and politics and experience the wonders of Artebinaria Open-Air Museum.
  • Budapest, Heroes’ Square. Discover Artebinaria Open-Air Museum on Heroes’ Square, where art history and technology intertwine to create a captivating visual experience.
  • Bruges, Grote Markt. Lose yourself in the medieval charm of Bruges’ main square, and be enthralled by the fusion of art, history, and technology at Artebinaria Open-Air Museum.
  • Chicago, Wrigley Square. Experience the vibrant art scene of Chicago at Wrigley Square, located in Millennium Park, where Artebinaria’s Open-Air Museum brings masterpieces of art history to life through augmented reality.
  • Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo. Marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo, while enjoying the Open-Air Museum, in Augmented Reality.
  • Krakow, Rynek Główny. Explore the historic Rynek Główny, the main square of Krakow, and allow Artebinaria Open-Air Museum to amaze you with its augmented art experience.
  • Lisbon, Praça do Comércio. Immerse yourself in Lisbon’s rich cultural heritage at Praça do Comércio, the city’s main square, where the Open-Air museum showcases the fusion of traditional and innovation.
  • London, right in front of the Apple Store, Regent St. Discover London’s artistic spirit right in the heart of the city, as the open-air museum enhances the vibrant atmosphere of Regent Street with augmented reality masterpieces.
  • Madrid: Engage with augmented reality art in the lively Plaza Mayor. Visit Madrid’s bustling Plaza Mayor and immerse yourself in a groundbreaking open-air museum experience.
  • Maastricht, Vrijthof. Explore the charming city of Maastricht and its main square, Vrijthof, where the Artebinaria Open-Air Museum adds a touch of imagination to this historical setting.
  • Melbourne, Federation Square. Experience the dynamic art scene of Melbourne at Federation Square, where the Open-Air Museum invites visitors to engage with augmented reality masterpieces against the backdrop of the city’s iconic architecture.
  • Munich, Marienplatz. In the cultural heart of Munich, at Marienplatz,  Artebinaria Open-Air Museum offers a unique experience.
  • New York, Great Hill. Escape the bustling city life and find tranquility at Great Hill in Central Park, where Artebinaria’s Open-Air Museum takes you on a captivating journey through art history via augmented reality.
  • Paris, Place Vendôme. Immerse yourself in the elegance of Paris at Place Vendôme, and enjoy the remarkable  Artebinaria Open-Air Museum experience.
  • Rome, Piazza del Popolo. Discover the eternal beauty of Rome at Piazza del Popolo, and indulge in the wonders of Artebinaria Open-Air Museum.
  • Seville, Plaza de España. Discover the grandeur of Seville’s Plaza de España, where the Open-Air Museum offers visitors an extraordinary journey through pictorial history in augmented reality.
  • Siena, Piazza del Campo. Explore the captivating beauty of Siena’s Piazza del Campo and indulge in the delights of Artebinaria Open-Air Museum.
  • Turin, Piazza San Carlo.  Step into the elegant surroundings of Turin’s Piazza San Carlo and discover the Open-Air Museum.
  • Venice, Piazza San Marco. Wander through the enchanting Piazza San Marco in Venice and let the Open-Air Museum transport you into a world of art history trhough augmented reality.
  • Wien, Heldenplatz. Immerse yourself in Vienna’s cultural legacy at Heldenplatz, and experience the captivating wonders of Artebinaria Open-Air Museum

How to visit Artebinaria Open-Air Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of Artebinaria Open-Air Museums with the “Artebinaria Open-Air Museum” app, available for iPhone and iPad. Using Apple’s augmented reality technology, Artebinaria delivers a high-quality and realistic experience for visitors.

  1. Visit the location where an open-air museum is active.
  2. Download the “Artebinaria Open-Air Museum” app from the App Store (internet access required).
  3. Open the app and hold your device straight ahead. The Pavilion will materialize around you.
  4. Select an exhibition room from the floating menus. Explore the surroundings.
  5. Admire life-size artworks on invisible walls, moving with your device.
  6. Tap an artwork to access its information sheet.
  7. Experience Art History in Augmented Reality!
Artebinaria Open-Air Museum
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