Artebinaria Presents 'Five Masterpieces Reimagined: Art Interpreted by AI’ in Augmented Reality

Exploring the Intersection of Art and Artificial Intelligence in Augmented Reality.

Five Masterpieces Reimagined by AI

Artebinaria is thrilled to present “Five Masterpieces Reimagined: Art Interpreted by AI,” a cutting-edge exhibition that invites the audience to immerse themselves in artworks created by artificial intelligence, viewable through augmented reality using the “Artinside Gallery +” app.

This remarkable journey into the world of AI-generated images, inspired by 5 masterpieces from art history, was conceived by Alessandro Bemporad and brought to life by Artebinaria. The goal is to provoke deep reflection on the role of new technologies in art and the enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage.

Under the expert guidance of art historian and artistic director of Artebinaria, Maddalena Grazzini, this exhibition opens up new horizons for how technology can embrace art, culture, and creativity in unprecedented ways.

The augmented reality pavilion’s rooms become a unique space where 5 past masterpieces meet artificial intelligence, challenging conventions and inspiring fundamental questions. In each room, four works created by artificial intelligence are displayed, accompanied by a 3D reproduction of one of the five masterpieces from art history.

The five masterpieces by the Great Masters include Leonardo da Vinci’s “Ginevra de’ Benci”, Jan Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid”, Frans Hals’ “Portrait of a Woman”, Berthe Morisot’s “The Reading”, and Auguste Renoir’s “Two Girls at the Piano,” all reinterpreted by artificial intelligence under the guidance of the art director, who suggested styles, eras, and tones for their reinterpretation.

Five Masterpieces Reimagined: Art Interpreted by AI,” is the first of a series of augmented reality exhibitions where AI takes center stage. Organized by Artebinaria and hosted on Artinside Gallery, these monthly exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to reflect on the deep connections between the past and future, tradition and innovation, and the ever-evolving role of art in our society.



How to visit the exhibition

  1. Download the “Artinside Gallery+” app, available on iPhone and iPad from the App Store.
  2. Once downloaded, select the first Pavilion titled ‘AI interpreting Art’ and enter augmented reality, keeping the device at eye level.
  3.  Inside, you will see a menu providing access to the five exhibition rooms. Each room is marked with an indicator featuring Artebinaria’s “A” image near the panels, indicating the room you are in. The first room is accessible upon entering augmented reality.
  4.  To explore the exhibited artworks, slowly turn clockwise, looking right, behind you, and left to follow the exhibition path.
  5.  For detailed information about a specific artwork, touch the desired piece on the device’s screen.
  6. 6. If you wish to discover additional details about the room, press and hold the corresponding menu panel for an extended time.
  7.  To move from one room to another, simply touch the desired panel. The “A” indicator will shift to the selected room, and the artworks will appear to your right, behind you, and to your left. Move slowly with the device always in front of your eyes to admire them.
  8. If you want to examine every detail of an artwork up close, approach it with the device held straight in front of you, at eye level. The artwork will remain suspended in space, allowing you to explore it from every angle and admire its most fascinating details.
  9.  Move in front of the artwork just as you would if it were physically present in front of you. The device is your tool to reveal the artwork in all its splendor. However, remember that once you look away from the device’s screen, the artwork disappears, and the magic dissolves.
Artebinaria- Art Director

The Exhibition Journey

Our exhibition journey for the “Five Masterpieces Reimagined: Art Interpreted by AI” unfolds through five virtual rooms within a Pavilion. Each room offers a unique perspective on artistic reinterpretations inspired by iconic artworks, inviting visitors to explore the connection between art and artificial intelligence through augmented reality.

Let’s embark on our tour:

Room 1 – Ginevra de’ Benci Reimagined

Here, four unique artworks come to life, each inspired by a different era and artistic style. This collection takes you on a timeless journey through artistic interpretation, with Leonardo da Vinci’s original masterpiece at its core. From the allure of Flemish Renaissance art to a futuristic take with elements inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, from the grace of the Pre-Raphaelites to a Klimt-inspired version of Ginevra.

Room 2 – Beyond “Jan Vermeer’s Milkmaid”

The artworks in this room draw inspiration from Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid”, and range from a prehistoric setting to a Dadaist and surreal tone, ultimately reaching a fully futuristic interpretation.

Room 3 – Frans Hals’ Portrait of a Woman Reimagined

This room celebrates the AI’s reinterpretations of Frans Hals’ “Portrait of a Woman.” The images offer a unique perspective on the portrait, ranging from a medieval reinterpretation through the Renaissance and culminating in a Symbolist aesthetic.

Room 4 – Berthe Morisot’s “The Reading” Reinterpreted

In this room, the AI reinterprets Berthe Morisot’s masterpiece “The Reading” across different temporal contexts. From the tranquil countryside setting to the subdued light of a Caravaggesque interior, and all the way to the whimsy and irreverence of Dadaism and the futuristic world.

Room 5 – Renoir’s “Two Girls at the Piano” Reimagined

In this room, the AI reimagines Auguste Renoir’s “Two Girls at the Piano,” creating an artwork in a 17th-century context and three others immersed in the digital realm, envisioning a vibrant science fiction future.


Each AI-generated artwork is accompanied by an informative card, enriched with comments written directly by the AI itself. This element enhances the visitor’s experience, allowing them to better understand and appreciate the creation before them.

Share your Experience

In conclusion, we invite you to download the “Artinside Gallery+” app, and explore our Pavilion in augmented reality to witness these artworks come to life before your eyes and compare them with the original masterpiece that inspired the AI under the guidance of Artebinaria’s art director.

 We are eager to hear your impressions and comments on this artificial fusion of art and technology.

Please share your thoughts with us by writing to Your feedback will play a significant role, as it will be considered for an upcoming article to be featured in ‘The Artebinaria Gazette’.

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