5 Simple Questions and Answers About 'Five Masterpieces Reimagined by AI' - Exhibition in Augmented Reality

A Journey into Artinside Gallery, Where AI, AR, and Art Converge with Artebinaria

Explore the extraordinary world of art, technology, and creativity in Artebinaria’s exhibition, “Five Masterpieces Reimagined. Art Interpreted by AI“, in Augmented Reality.

Join us on a journey into Artinside Gallery, where the realms of Art, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR) seamlessly intertwine.

We answer five simple questions to guide you through this captivating experience.

the milkmaid by AI - Artebinaria

1. What Is Artebinaria's "5 Masterpieces Reimagined. Art Interpreted by AI” Exhibition?

Imagine stepping into a world where art and technology intertwine, where centuries-old masterpieces come to life in a new and captivating way. That’s exactly what Artebinaria’s ‘5 Masterpieces Reimagined’ exhibition offers. Conceived by Alessandro Bemporad, this exhibition is a journey like no other.

Picture yourself in a virtual art gallery, guided by the mind of art historian and Artebinaria’s art director, Maddalena Grazzini. But here’s the twist – twenty out of the 25 exhibited artworks have been created by artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a fusion of human creativity and the limitless potential of AI.

The goal is to provoke deep reflection on the role of new technologies in art, and the enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage.

2. So, what Does It Mean to "Reinterpret" a Masterpiece?

Reinterpreting a masterpiece involves taking an existing artwork and creating a new version inspired by it.

In this case, AI, under the guidance of Maddalena Grazzini, has created the new artworks. It’s like looking through a magical lens that reveals new dimensions of beauty and wonder in iconic artworks. 

Each artwork has a unique title, and the AI has even written comments to help you dive even deeper into the world of its creations.

3. How Does Augmented Reality Work in the Exhibition?

Augmented Reality in the exhibition works like magic! The ‘Artinside Gallery+‘ app uses your device’s camera to explore the real world around you. Then, it adds art to it.

It’s like putting a magic lens on your device. When you look through it, the artworks appear in your world, hanging in invisible walls of the virtual room. It’s like you’re in a gallery without walls, right in your own space!

4. What are some famous masterpieces reimagined by AI?

AI has reimagined masterpieces such as: Ginevra de’ Benci (by Leonardo da Vinci), The Milkmaid (Jan Vermeer), Portrait of a Woman (Frans Hals), Reading (Berthe Morisot) and Two Girls at the Piano (by Auguste Renoir).

These new versions are fascinating because they blend different styles and eras, and each has a specific title and AI-written comments to help visitors gain a deeper appreciation of the artwork.

This exhibition marks the beginning of a series of augmented reality showcases on Artinside Gallery, where the art of the past and art history converge with artificial intelligence. It’s a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, promising a journey through time and creativity like no other.

5. How Can I Experience This Exhibition?

It’s easy! Simply download the “Artinside Gallery+” app on your iPhone and iPad, then enter the exhibition in augmented reality. You can explore the artworks, compare them to the originals, read the AI’s comments, and discover the specific title of each piece. It’s a unique experience that will introduce you to art in an entirely new way, and the best part is, it’s free!

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience. Discover art in a whole new light and be part of the future of artistic exploration. 

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If you’d like to read the exhibition’s press release and delve deeper into its details, check out our article

Below, we show you the recordings made with an iPhone during the outdoor exhibition visit in the Tuscan countryside. However, you also have the option to visit the exhibition directly from the comfort of your living room. 

We invite you to explore this extraordinary exhibition!

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