Artebinaria is a software company, based in Florence (Italy), founded in 2019 by Alessandro Bemporad.

Artebinaria is born from the harmonious fusion of passion for Apple‘s design and technology principles with a deep love for Art History. We specialize in creating Augmented Reality products and services developed exclusively within the Apple ecosystem, with a focus on preserving and enhancing historical and artistic heritage. Leveraging Cloud Computing platforms, we extend the potential of our solutions.

Our passion for Art and Technology drives us to create unique and engaging experiences. With Artebinaria, we strive to push the boundaries of imagination and transform the relationship between people and the Art world through innovation.  

Artebinaria believes in augmented imagination: the symbiosis of creativity, knowledge and technology. 

Welcome to Artebinaria, where art and technology merge to create imaginary worlds, through Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing.

alessandro bemporad

Senior Software Engineer and Founder of Artebinaria

maddalena grazzini

Art historian, Curator, and Editorial Manager