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Introducing Artinside Catalogue

Artinside Catalogue is an interactive contemporary art catalogue, with a totally innovative consultation experience of visual artworks (like paintings, drawings, illustrations and photographs), based on augmented reality (AR).

Artinside Catalogue is implemented as an app, using AR technologies available on Apple devices (iPhone/iPad). The user interface is designed to be clean, simple, elegant and minimalist, and specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

Data of artists and artworks, and digital images, are stored on a remote cloud computing platform: users of the app always see the current version of the catalog on their device, without the need to update the app.

The Artinside Catalogue app is available free of charge on the App Store.

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Augmented reality

Augmented reality is an innovative technology, that allows to enhance the perception of the surrounding world with digital objects, generated by a computer system.

In our case, these objects are digital images of artworks, rendered in space in life size in every detail, illuminated by a virtual spotlight, and perceived as hanging on invisible and imaginary walls.

Vocal synthesis

In Artinside Catalogue, each artwork, and the artist, tell their own story through an audio commentary, rendered in perfect english vocal synthesis, available in the artist detail view, in each artwork detail view, and inside the augmented reality simply “touching” the artworks.

Search engine

An integrated search engine, based on names, titles and keywords, allows the user to perform timely queries about the artists and artworks in the catalogue.

Contact infos and credits

Artists, and artworks, have their own detailed views, complete with info, contacts, and credits. This allows artists to be contacted in a simple and direct way by the users of the app.


Periodically, the art curator of Artebinaria creates selections of artworks and playlists, called Collections, always visible in the main view of the app, to highlight the artists inside the catalogue.






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