Artinside exhibition

Location-based art exhibitions in augmented reality.

what is artinside Exhibition?

Are you an art professional (visual artist, curator, art gallery, museum) looking for innovative ways to showcase your collections? Artinside Exhibition is the location-based, augmented reality platform you need!

Artinside Exhibition allows you to create geo-located exhibition spaces in augmented reality, to show collections of artworks in life size, as if hanging on invisible walls.

With Artinside Exhibition you will delight your visitors, expand your audience, and amplify your brand. Through technological innovation.

Visitors can experience your collections like never before, right on their iPhone or iPad. Bring your artwork to life and offer your audience a unique and engaging experience.

Using the potential of Apple technologies for augmented reality, Artebinaria provides visitors and exhibitors with an absolutely high-quality and realistic experience, through the free “Artinside Exhibition” app, available for iPhone and iPad.



Artinside Exhibition is directed at two categories of users:

Exhibitors, who purchase an exhibition space for a certain period, and who create and make their own collections of artworks available on the platform, geo-locating the exhibition in one or more locations of their choice.
Visitors, who go to one of the locations hosting an exhibition, and have access to it in augmented reality via a free app available for their smartphone or tablet.

Who are the "Exhibitors"?

Exhibitors are those who purchase an exhibition space from Artebinaria, and can be imagined as belonging to two different categories:

public and private institutions working in the field of conservation and promotion of historical and cultural heritage (e.g. museums, foundations, archives, curators, and collectors).

artists, collectives, art galleries, curators, and other institutions operating in the contemporary art market.

How does Artinside Exhibition work?


Visiting one of the exhibitions is done via the Artinside Exhibition app, which allows visitors at one of the locations hosting one of the geo-located art exhibitions to explore the artworks in augmented reality.


The main feature of Artinside Exhibition is its organization in a series of exhibition spaces, known as “Pavilions”.

A Pavilion is a “virtual exhibition space” consisting of 5 rooms, and containing up to 25 artworks of visual art.


Inside the virtual rooms, visitors can admire the artworks, displayed in life-size, as if they were hanging on invisible walls which do not conceal their surroundings.

Moving within each imaginary room, visitors can admire the artworks from any perspective. In particular, it is possible to get close to an artwork to discover all its details or touch an artwork in space to view its information sheet. 

Where are the Artinside Exhibitions shown?


Each Artinside Exhibition is geo-located open-air in one or more locations of the exhibitor’s choice, and are visible within a variable range in meters (on average between 50m and 100m). 

Artebinaria guarantees the uniqueness of the exhibitions: it is never allowed for two different Artinside Exhibitions to be active at the same time in the same location, to guarantee the exclusivity of the exhibition.

Why choose Artinside Exhibition?


A Pavilion in Artinside Exhibition is not a simple digital exhibition space, as it happens in a normal web portal or in an online art catalogue.

A Pavilion is instead a dynamic exhibition space, in which artworks come to life in front of the eyes of each visitor, through their smartphone or tablet. 

Artworks materialize in 3D, appearing in their natural size, as if they were hanging on the walls of invisible rooms, which do not conceal the environment in which the visitor finds himself at that moment: on the contrary, the surrounding space, light and sounds interact with the artworks themselves, creating unusual and unexpected emotions in each visitor.

For the first time, this opens up the possibility of setting up an imaginary dialogue between artworks and visitors, at any time and in any part of the world. 

the 'artinside exhibition' app


The cost of an Artinside Exhibition has a fixed and a variable part, and depends on:

  • The number of artworks – arranged in 1+ Pavilions (each Pavilion can contain from 1 to 5 exhibition rooms, with 5 artworks in each room, up to a maximum of 25 artworks);
  • The number of locations, where you wish to geo-locate the exhibitions;
  • The duration of the exhibition (in months).



Each Pavilion has a onetime cost of:

100€ for art industry operators (curators, art galleries, artists’ collectives, museums, foundations, and other public and private institutions);
50€ for individual artists.


In addition to the fixed cost of the Pavilion(s), there is a variable cost depending on the number of locations and the number of months of the exhibition:

– An Exhibition in one location, for one month, has a defined cost of 50€ (regardless of the number of Pavilions that are part of the exhibition).



It is possible to choose to set up an exhibition in one of these three formats: 

STANDARD EXHIBITION: 1+ Pavilions, in one location, for 1+ months. 

For example, for a museum, exhibiting a Pavilion in New York for three months has a total cost of 250€ (100€ for setting up the Pavilion + 150€ for three months of exhibition in a single location).

For an artist exhibiting his or her artworks in a Pavilion in Amsterdam for one month, on the other hand, Artinside Exhibition has a total cost of only 100€ (50€ for setting up the Pavilion + 50€ for one month of exhibition in a single location).

WIDESPREAD EXHIBITION: 1+ Pavilions, exhibited simultaneously in different locations, for 1+ months.

For example, in the case of an art gallery exhibiting its artists in two Pavilions at the same time in Milan, Berlin and Sydney for a period of 2 months, the total cost of Artinside Exhibition is 500€ (200€ for setting up two Pavilions, plus 300€ for three exhibitions in different locations for a period of two months each). 

TRAVELLING EXHIBITION: 1+ Pavilions, exhibited sequentially in different locations over 2+ months.

For example, for an artist planning a travelling exhibition with one Pavilion for four months, with the first month in Paris, the second in Rome, the third in San Francisco, and the fourth in Copenhagen, Artinside Exhibition costs 250€ (50€ for setting up the Pavilion, and 200€ for a four month exhibition, which is geo-located in a different location each month).



The promotion of the event associated with an exhibition is essential. The purpose of Artinside Exhibition is to allow the audience to admire the artworks of each pavilion in person, by visiting the location chosen by the exhibitor.

A key element of Artinside Exhibition is advertising., that is the launch of a social media marketing campaign, localized in the area around the place where your exhibition can be visited, and for the entire period of its activation.

This element is fundamental, as it allows you first and foremost to advertise your exhibition in the relevant geographic area, and to highlight you as an exhibitor. In addition, the advertising campaign allows you to attract the greatest possible number of visitors.

Artebinaria offers you to integrate your exhibition with an advertising campaign, managed by its own social media marketing experts, but you are free to organise one yourself.

A social advertising campaign curated by Artebinaria, targeting an exhibition in a single location, has a cost defined by the budget you intend to use for the promotion, to which is added a fixed cost of 100€ which includes:

  • The creation by Artebinaria of an original poster dedicated to your exhibition.
  • The creation and launch of a social advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram, localized in the area around the exhibition.
  • The delivery of the analytics data at the end of the advertising campaign.


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