Artinside experience

The exhibition of PZ.Artist’s artworks, in Augmented Reality.

Artinside Experience is a geo-referenced and augmented reality exhibition space, dedicated to PZ.Artist, based on the Artinside Gallery platform.

Artinside Experience allows visitors to go beyond traditional art exhibitions, thanks to an original solution that Artebinaria has created, based on the most advanced technologies offered by Apple on iPhone and iPad.

ith Artinside Experience, visitors have the opportunity to admire a collection of visual artworks by PZArtist in a personal augmented reality Pavilion, an exhibition space containing 5 exhibition Rooms, with 5 artworks on display in each Room.

The Pavilion is a dynamic exhibition space, in which artworks come to life in front of the eyes of each visitor, in the real world, through the app “Artinside Experience”.

Artworks materialize in 3D, in their natural size, as if they were hanging on the walls of invisible rooms, which do not conceal the environment in which the visitor finds himself at that moment: on the contrary, the surrounding space, light and sounds interact with the artworks themselves, creating unusual and unexpected emotions in each visitor.

Furthermore, if you own an iPhone or iPad, you can use the video capture feature in the ‘Artinside Experience’ app, for making stunning videos of the augmented reality Pavilion.

For the first time, this opens up the possibility of setting up an imaginary dialogue between PZ.Artist’s artworks and her public, at any time and in any part of the world.


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