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Introducing Artinside Gallery

The first art gallery without walls, in Augmented Reality: a new and avant-garde form of installation.

This App revolutionizes the staging of contemporary art, altering the relationship between the space around the artwork and the space of the artwork itself.

Give yourself a unique experience, to get closer to contemporary artworks, selected by the ARTINSIDE GALLERY curator, and update regularly, like a traditional art gallery.

Wherever you are – outdoors or indoors – just place the device in front of you, find yourself immersed in the middle of one of the five exhibition spaces, and enjoy a total experience in the new audiovisual environment, which solicits the eyes and the hearing.

The rooms and the artworks are accompanied by a short sound commentary in Italian and English, which is activated by touching the single panel or the painting.

Discover and experience contemporary art in your daily life, through augmented reality!

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What’s New in Artinside Gallery v. 2.

Version 2.0 is a fundamental evolution, and includes:

– 5 galleries, with 5 rooms in each gallery, and 5 artworks in each room. Artinside Gallery expands five times its exhibition space.

– 5 pavilions, with 5 rooms in each pavilion, and 5 artworks in each room. Now Artinside Gallery also makes available 5 pavilions (in addition to its own galleries) for collectives of artists, art galleries, and art curators who wish to have their own large autonomous space for their exhibitions.

– Credits completely revised, in order to better show the information of the galleries, rooms, and individual artworks.

– Update to the latest Apple technologies, both as regards Augmented Reality and User Interface.

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How to use Artinside Gallery


Open Call for participating in Artinside Gallery

Art Exhibitions in Augmented Reality

Artinside Gallery (February 2021)

From 1st to 28th February 2021 Renzo Bemporad (Italy), Saskia Bera (Germany), Judit Nagy L. LNJ (Slovakia), Brigitte Garcia (France), Seona Sommer (Germany) […]

Artinside Gallery (January 2021)

From 1st to 31st January 2021, Evi Baloo (Greece), Carole Bécam(France), Renzo Bemporad (Italy), Carla Frank (Netherlands), Natia Kanelis (Georgia), Fotini […]

Artinside Gallery (October 2020)

From 1st to 31st October 2020, Dimitris Bakopanos (Greece, Italy), Ansje Visser (Netherlands), Jean-Humbert Savoldelli (France), ID (Russian Federation, Israel), […]

Artinside Gallery (August 2020)

From 1st to 31st August 2020, Saskia Bera (Germany), Dekit Painter (France), Aliza Thomas (Israel, Netherlands), Judit Nagy L. – LNJ (Slovakia), Olivia […]

Artinside Gallery, June 2020

From 1 to 30 June 2020, Gro Folkan (Norway), Rachel Mohawege (Lebanon, Austria), Francesca Lugli (Italy), Irina Laube (Germany), Massimo […]

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