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Augmented reality is one of the technologies that are radically changing the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. 

Through augmented reality, our sensorial perception will be enriched by digital information and images, which will be directly superimposed on the real world. 

Nowadays, people generally use the camera of their mobile device (or tablet) to frame their surroundings, and digital content is generated and superimposed on the real world, producing the perceptual illusion of augmented reality. 

Other devices, such as augmented reality glasses, will soon be available to provide an even more immersive and engaging experience.

Artebinaria, a Tech Company based in Florence, since 2019 has been designing and developing its own augmented reality applications and platforms, in the field of Contemporary Art and Art History, developed on Apple devices and technologies.

One of the platforms developed by Artebinaria is Artinside Gallery, the first art gallery without walls, in augmented reality.

Artinside Gallery

Artinside Gallery is the first art gallery without walls: a new, cutting-edge form of art exhibition that allows artists to display and promote their work using Augmented Reality (AR) and Cloud Computing. The experience offered by these technologies, interpreted in an original way by Artebinaria, provides artists with an experience comparable to that of a traditional art gallery, but with all the advantages deriving from the most advanced technologies, unthinkable only until recently, which decisively outperform the traditional approach of web applications (such as art portals or online catalogues and 3D virtual galleries).

Thanks to the synthesis between the real world and the digital world – made available in augmented reality through a smartphone or tablet – Artebinaria is able to offer artists and visitors an absolutely engaging and innovative sensorial and emotional experience. 

The Pavilion

Artinside Gallery provides 16 “Pavilions”: virtual exhibition spaces each dedicated to a single artist, consisting of 5 rooms, and containing up to 25 artworks of visual art. 

The artworks shown in a pavilion are digital images, that are “materialized” in the real world around each visitor in life-size and three-dimensional form, as if hanging on the invisible walls of the exhibition rooms.

A visit to a pavilion is made possible through an app, called “Artinside Gallery+”, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store, for iPad and iPhone.


The Artinside Gallery+ App

Visitors access the pavilions through the “Artinside Gallery+” app, downloadable free of charge from the App Store for iPad and iPhone.

The app’s main screen presents a list of the pavilions, and hence the exhibiting artists, which Artebinaria limits to a maximum of 16, in order to maximize visitors’ attention. 

Once a pavilion has been selected, the app activates the Augmented Reality experience, allowing visitors to admire the artworks, materialized in life size in the surrounding space, as if they were hanging on the invisible walls of a room. 

Using the app, visitors can also access information about each artwork, read the artist’s biography, and they can easily contact the artist using the information in the pavilion. 

Through Augmented Reality, visitors can physically move around the rooms of a pavilion, approach an artwork to observe its details, move away to have an overview, move to the side to observe it from different perspectives, or move around a virtual room to observe the artworks exhibited in their entirety. 


Video in Augmented Reality

Artebinaria produces a professional Augmented Reality video of pavilions for exhibiting artists, shot outdoors in prestigious locations in Florence. This video can be used by the exhibiting artists for their own promotions, and is also shared on Artebinaria’s web and social channels. 

An artist may request assistance from one or more photographers or video-makers to create professional videos of their pavilion in Augmented Reality, set anywhere in the world, in the most suitable and charming locations, to enhance their artworks. 


Artinside Gallery and Art Buyers

Artebinaria is a tech company, and could have included its own e-commerce system in Artinside Gallery+. It is, however, the company’s firm belief that the buying and selling of artworks, being unique and valuable assets, must necessarily pass through traditional human relations – involving artists, art galleries, agents, collectors and art dealers – and is not suited to pure e-commerce, which is more appropriate for the buying and selling of consumer goods.

However, Artebinaria is constantly working to spread the app among professional art buyers, advisors and collectors, for highlighting the artworks of the artists. At the artists’ request, the Art Director of Artebinaria can take care of the sale of the artworks, on a non-exclusive basis, throughout the entire exhibition period. 

Art Director

As in a real art gallery, the Artinside Gallery also has a curator, who follows all the stages of the pavilion set-up, together with the artists.
From the selection of the most suitable artworks, to the choice of their arrangement within the exhibition room in the pavilions, from the technical verification of the quality of the digital images to the control of the information required for publication, Artebinaria’s Art Director provides the artists with all the support they need to ensure the highest quality of the exhibition.
All these activities of the Art Director are an integral part of the Artinside Gallery offer.

Duration of Exhibition

The duration of an exhibition in an Artinside Gallery pavilion is three months. Before the end of this period, exhibiting artists have the opportunity to consider continuation of the exhibition in their pavilion. In this case, artists can change the composition of their pavilion (number of rooms, and choice of artworks), and they will again receive all the services provided by their participation in the Artinside Gallery platform.

Services included in the Exhibition

  • A Pavilion in Artinside Gallery: 5 Rooms (up to 25 Artworks).
  • Support from Artebinaria’s Art Director
  • 3 Months of Exhibition
  • 1 Professional Video in AR, Outdoors in Florence
  • Publication of presentations and interviews on ‘The Artinside Gazette’ (Artebinaria’s blog)
  • Publication in the Artinside Gallery+ app

Send your application to be selected as an Artist in Artinside Gallery. We will reply within a few hours. Thank you!

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