Artinside Gallery

The first exhibition space without walls, in Augmented Reality.

What is Artinside Gallery?

Artinside Gallery is an innovative augmented reality exhibition space, accessible through the “Artinside Gallery+” app, created and curated with passion by Artebinaria. The purpose of Artinside Gallery is to explore and experiment with the intersection of art history, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.


A Synthesis of Past and Future of Art

Periodically, Artebinaria’s Art Director selects five artworks from the past and guides OpenAI’s AI in creating a set of images inspired by the original works, reinterpreting them from different perspectives, such as style or historical era. Additionally, under the guidance of the Art Director, OpenAI’s AI also generates text critically commenting on each of the produced images in relation to the originals. The original artworks, along with the AI-generated images, are exhibited in augmented reality within a series of Pavilions, accompanied by informative sheets.

the milkmaid by AI - Artebinaria

What is a Pavilion?

Artinside Gallery consists of a series of Pavilions: dynamic exhibition spaces where artworks come to life before the eyes of each visitor, as if they were hanging on the invisible walls of five imaginary rooms that do not conceal the surrounding environment. A Pavilion can contain up to 25 artworks, divided into 5 exhibition rooms, and can be visited in two different modes:

Global Pavilion: Visible Anywhere It can be visited from anywhere in the world.

Geo-Referenced Pavilion It can be visited exclusively in a selected real-world location through geo-referencing.

The "Artinside Gallery+" App

By using the “Artinside Gallery+” application, which is available for free on the App Store for iPhone or iPad, visitors can explore Artinside Gallery’s Pavilions wherever they are: in their own living rooms, in a beautiful garden, in historic squares, or at the most scenic viewpoints.

A Unique Dialogue between Human and Artificial Intelligence

The primary objective of “Artinside Gallery” is to stimulate reflection on the role of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in the context of historical and artistic heritage. With Artinside Gallery, Artebinaria aims to present the unique relationship between a human expert (an art historian) and an artificial intelligence capable not only of generating new artworks but also of providing commentary on its own creations, as if it were a virtual “art critic.”

Artebinaria- Art Director

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