Artinside Gallery

Your personal art gallery without walls, in Augmented Reality.

Artinside Gallery is the first augmented reality platform that allows you – as a visual artist – to set up fantastic exhibition spaces, visible everywhere or geo-referenced in specific locations of your choice, showing your artworks in life-size, as hanging on invisible walls.

Artinside Gallery allows you to go beyond traditional art exhibitions, thanks to an original solution that Artebinaria has created, based on the most advanced technologies offered by Apple.

Introducing Artinside Gallery

With Artinside Gallery, you have the opportunity to exhibit a collection of visual artworks (paintings, photographs or 2D digital art) in a global or geo-referenced  augmented reality Pavilion, your personal art gallery containing up to 5 exhibition Rooms, with 5 artworks on display in each Room.

Pavilions are dynamic exhibition spaces, in which artworks come to life in front of the eyes of each visitor. Thousands of visitors already use the free “Artinside Gallery+” app, on their iPhone or iPad, for visiting exhibitions around the world, or in specific locations chosen by the artists.

Artworks materialize in 3D, in their natural size, as if they were hanging on the walls of invisible rooms, which do not conceal the environment in which the visitor finds himself at that moment: on the contrary, the surrounding space, light and sounds interact with the artworks themselves, creating unusual and unexpected emotions in each visitor.
For the first time, this opens up for you the possibility of setting up an imaginary dialogue between your artworks and your public, at any time and in any part of the world. 
Welcome to Art in Augmented Reality.

Creating AR Videos of your Pavilion

Visitors access your Pavilion directly via the app on their device, but if you have an iPad or iPhone you can easily create fantastic augmented reality videos, using the “Artinside Gallery+” app, setting your Pavilion in the most evocative location to showcase your artworks: in a forest, by the sea, on top of a skyscraper, or in front of a famous monument. You will thus be able to create and share with your audience endless installations for your artworks, with a quality and realism unthinkable until recently.

If you don't have an Apple device, or if you want to set a video of your installation in a location too far away from you, you can always ask a relative or friend, or a professional video maker, to make one for you.

In this way, the world is the limit for making fantastic augmented reality videos, which can themselves be considered as your artistic expressions: as art within art.



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How to exhibit in Artinside Gallery

Artinside Gallery offers you three different types of participation::

  1. GLOBAL PAVILION– a Pavilion with 5 Rooms for a total of up to 25 artworks visible everywhere through the “Artinside Gallery+” app (with the exception of areas occupied by location-based Pavilions). This exhibition mode has a duration of 3 months (and a cost of €60), or 12 months (and a cost of €180).
  2. GEO-PAVILION – a geo-referenced Pavilion, with 5 Rooms for a total of up to 25 artworks, visible within a chosen area through the “Artinside Gallery+” app. This exhibition mode has a duration of 1 month (and cost of €60).
  3. GEO-GALLERY – a geo-referenced Pavilion, with 5 Rooms for a total of up to 25 artworks, visible in one of the special areas permanently set up by Artebinaria through the “Artinside Gallery+” app. At the moment, Piazzale Michelangelo (Florence), Place Vendôme (Paris) and Opera House (Sydney) are available. This exhibition mode has a duration of 1 month (and cost of €100).

Artebinaria is happy to evaluate special offers for exhibitions requested for longer periods.


Custom Services

In addition to your exhibition space, Artebinaria offers you the opportunity to purchase for €150 a marketing services bundle, curated by Artebinaria's Art Director, Maddalena Grazzini:
1. an interview published in “The Artinside Gazette”, Artebinaria's online magazine, entirely dedicated to Contemporary Art.
2. the creation of the official poster of your Pavilion, with the banners of your exhibition rooms.
3. the inclusion of your exhibition announcement in the Artebinaria mailing list, sent every month to artists, curators, collectors and art galleries.

Upon request, Artebinaria Art Director Maddalena Grazzini will produce for you for €200 an original critical review of your work as an artist, which will be published in the online magazine “The Artinside Gazette”, and given to you for use in support of your artistic activity.

Application Form

Do you want to join Artinside Gallery?
Send us your application, explaining the type of event you would like to create with the Artinside Gallery technology. The Art Director and the Artebinaria Technical Team will suggest the perfect solution for you.