Artinside Gallery

Artinside Gallery is the first augmented reality platform that allows you – as a visual artist – to set up fantastic exhibition spaces, visible anywhere in the world or geo-referenced in specific locations, showing your artworks in life-size, with their identity and their story, without moving them from home.

Artinside Gallery allows you to go far beyond traditional art exhibitions, using the most advanced augmented reality technology made by Apple.

Introducing Artinside Gallery

For painters, photographers, 2D Digital Artists, and Illustrators

With Artinside Gallery, you will have the opportunity to exhibit your artworks in a personal Augmented Reality “Pavilion“, including 5 rooms at your disposal, for a maximum of 25 artworks. 

Or, for an even more exclusive experience, you can exhibit your artworks in one of our official augmented reality Galleries, geo-referenced in beautiful locations around the world.

Pavilions and Galleries are dynamic exhibition spaces, in which your artworks come to life in front of the eyes of each visitor. Visitors use the free “Artinside Gallery+” app, on their iPhone or iPad, for visiting your exhibition.
Your artworks materialize in 3D, in their natural size, as if they were hanging on the walls of invisible rooms, which do not conceal the environment in which the visitor finds himself at that moment: on the contrary, the surrounding space, light and sounds interact with the artworks themselves, creating unusual and unexpected emotions in each visitor.
For the first time, this opens up for you the possibility of setting up an imaginary dialogue between your artworks and your public, at any time and in any part of the world. 
Welcome to Art in Augmented Reality.

Treat yourself to a dream exhibition

Using the Artinside Gallery platform you can set up your exhibition space in augmented reality in one of two ways:

1. By setting up an Artinside Pavilion, visible all around the world.

2. Renting one of the exclusive official Artinside Galleries, which are permanently located in specific locations around the world, such as the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Place Vendôme in Paris, or Opera House in Sydney.

Visitors will admire your artworks by physically coming to the area surrounding your Gallery, simply by using the free “Artinside Gallery+” app installed on their iPhone or iPad.

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Turn your exhibition into a successful event

It is an integral and essential part of your participation in Artinside Gallery to properly promote your exhibition so that it becomes a full-fledged contemporary art event.

To this end, Artebinaria will create for you social media marketing campaigns on the main social networks, optimized for the ideal audience, and in the geographical areas surrounding your specific installations.

You decide the budget for each specific marketing campaign, for your Pavilion or for your Gallery, and Artebinaria takes care of the rest.

How to exhibit in Artinside Gallery

Exhibition in Artinside Gallery is subject to the approval of the Art Director of Artebinaria, and includes:

1. A fixed participation fee for the rental of the Pavilion or Gallery.
2. A variable cost for the creation of social media marketing campaigns, using a budget of your choice.

An Artinside Pavilion exhibition has a duration of 3 months (renewable).

An Artinside Gallery exhibition has a duration of 1 month (renewable), and is geo-referenced to the location of the chosen gallery.

A few days before the opening of your exhibition, a social media marketing campaign will be launched by Artebinaria, using the budget you have chosen to allocate.

Both the Pavilion and the Gallery provide 1 to 5 exhibition rooms, each containing 5 artworks displayed in life-size (up to 25 artworks). You choose how many rooms to use for your specific exhibition.

Custom Services

In addition to participation in Artinside Gallery, Artebinaria offers Artists an optional series of paid services that further enrich the exhibition experience and the promotion of the Pavilions to Artinside Gallery visitors.

  • Art Curator – Artebinaria offers you the possibility to work together with your own Art Curator to set up your exhibition on Artinside Gallery, in a Pavilion or in one of the Galleries.
  • Art Review – Creation of an exclusive presentation dedicated to an Artist, by the Art Director of Artebinaria, with publication in “The Artinside Gazette” – Artebinaria’s online magazine dedicated to the Artists exhibiting in Artinside Gallery.

Creating AR Video of your Pavilion

One of the main functionalities available to the visitors of your exhibition is the possibility to easily create outstanding videos in Augmented Reality (AR).

Whenever the AR scene showing your Pavilion is started, inside the “Artinside Gallery+” app, they can simply press the “video recording” button built into the app, and start recording the visit to the Pavilion (or to the Gallery) in real time. At the end of the recording, a video is generated, created in the quality offered by iPhone and iPad, ready to be shared with the world.

In addition, you can ask your friends – or even professional video-makers – from all around the world to make AR videos of your exhibition for you, using their own device. In this way, you can receive and then share exceptional AR experiences of your exhibition shot in incredible and original locations and contexts.

Each AR video of your Pavilion is a unique experience, and can be considered an art form in itself.


Selling Artworks in Artinside Gallery

Artebinaria is a tech company, and could have included its own e-commerce system in Artinside Gallery. It is, however, the company's firm belief that the buying and selling of physical artworks, being unique and valuable assets, must necessarily pass through traditional human relations – involving artists, art galleries, agents, collectors and art dealers – and is not suited to pure e-commerce, which is more appropriate for the buying and selling of consumer goods, or digital assets.

Artebinaria promotes Artinside Gallery to contemporary art professionals – such as Art Advisors, Art Buyers and Collectors, through the “Artinside Gallery+” app, already downloaded by hundreds of users all over the world. In addition to the artworks in Augmented Reality, each Pavilion and each Gallery also clearly displays all the information about the artworks and the artists, to encourage the best possible relationships between the artists and the potential buyers.

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