Artinside Leonardo

Artinside Leonardo

A journey through the life and masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, in augmented reality

Discover, admire, explore and learn with Artinside Leonardo

Discover the rooms

Enter the exhibition halls of Artinside Leonardo, through augmented reality. Each room hosts four information panels and a masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci

Admire the masterpieces

Admire five masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci in high resolution and life size. (Foto Archivio Scala Firenze)

Explore details

Learn more about Leonardo’s life and artworks through the information panels in each room

Listen to the comments

All masterpieces and information panels are associated with an audio commentary in perfect vocal synthesis – in English and Italian.

“That face which in painting concerned in the face of the master who does it, always concerns everyone who sees it.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Place the device in front of you, activate the audio, and enter the Museum in augmented reality that houses five masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci in high resolution:

  • The Baptism of Christ
  • Annunciation
  • La Gioconda
  • The Lady with ermine
  • Saint Anne, the Virgin and the Child with the Lamb

Touch each panel and listen to the sound commentary on the life and works of the Florentine genius, in Italian and English.

Move slowly around you to discover the works and information panels hanging on the invisible walls of the Museum.

Walk closer with the device to each work reproduced to life size, just as you would in reality, and discover even the most hidden details.

The experience of augmented reality contained in “Artinside Leonardo” allows anyone, even those who do not have the opportunity to physically go to a real museum, to approach and enjoy the works of art in an extremely realistic way. At the same time

Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces in augmented reality. Like you've never seen them. With the original photos from the Scala Archives in Florence.