Artinside museum

The first imaginary Museum, in Augmented Reality

Artinside Museum is a journey through 100 masterpieces of Painting, from the thirteenth to the twentieth century.

Artinside Museum is the app conceived and developed by Artebinaria, which offers you a visit in Augmented Reality to an imaginary museum.  100 masterpieces of painting from different eras are exhibited in the space around you, in life size,  inside twenty virtual exhibition rooms. You can use Artinside Museum wherever you want: indoors, outdoors, alone or with your loved ones.

Each artwork is enriched by its own audio commentary, which you can activate simply by “touching” the artworks during your tour. Artinside Museum also contains the information of each artwork, and the biography of over 60 artists.

Artinside Museum is therefore a journey through 100 masterpieces of painting, from the thirteenth to the twentieth century, divided into four thematic areas: Daily life, Portraits, classical Myths, Bible Stories and Saints. Daily life is presented through a selection of 25 masterpieces showing work activities, hobbies, study, leisure to the stage, up to the usual gestures such as, combing, dressing and eating. The genre of the portrait – from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth centuries – is revealed through the images of future spouses, wealthy bankers, princesses, young girls, and ten self-portraits of famous painters, from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth centuries (from Rembrandt to Mengs, from Van Gogh to Boccioni). The mythological theme includes twenty-five masterpieces showing the main mythological characters with their attributes and their stories. The journey ends with the section dedicated to sacred art, which includes twenty-five artworks, illustrating some episodes from the Old and New Testaments, the theme of the Saints and the iconography Madonna and Child.

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artinside museuM indoor

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Artinside Museum also available in English

Artinside Museum Preview TURN ON THE AUDIO! Listen and visit a preview of ARTINSIDE MUSEUM, your personal Museum, in Augmented Reality, for iPhone and iPad. Now also available in English!…