Exploring Artinside Museum Masterpieces. #1

The Milkmaid in Artinside Museum

Exploring Artinside Museum Masterpieces. Episode 1 A Journey into Jan Vermeer’s Masterpiece “The Milkmaid” in Augmented Reality with the Guide by Artebinaria’s Art Director​ This article marks the beginning of a fascinating journey during which I, Maddalena Grazzini, the Art Director and curator of Artinside Museum, will be your guide as we delve into the individual masterpieces […]

Get up close to The Fortune-Teller by Georges de La Tour in Augmented Reality

The Fortune-Teller comes to life in life-size (101.9 x 123.5 cm) in your living room, in augmented reality, thanks to the app Artinside Museum, available on the App Store, for iPhone and iPad. Georges de La Tour’s masterpiece is part of Artinside Museum’s second collection, dedicated to the theme of Portraits. The painting is exhibited […]

Augmented Reality and Artinside Museum: some considerations

Artinside Museum

Artinside Museum, the augmented reality museum without walls, has been designed and produced by Artebinaria to offer a totally new relationship between visitor and artwork.  The app, available for iPhone and iPad (an Android version is also being developed), goes beyond the traditional model of interaction between a visitor and a work of art, which […]

Artinside Museum: 100 Masterpieces of Painting in Augmented Reality

Artinside Museum (2.0): 100 Masterpieces of painting from the Thirteenth to the Twentieth century in Augmented Reality. Artinside Museum is the app conceived and developed by Artebinaria, which offers you a visit in Augmented Reality to an imaginary museum.  100 masterpieces of painting from different eras are exhibited in the space around you, in life size,  inside […]

Discover Artinside Museum

Visit Artinside Museum: the first imaginary museum in augmented reality, where twenty-five masterpieces of visual art from different eras are displayed in space around you, in full size, in five thematic rooms. You can use Artinside Museum wherever you want: at home, outdoors, alone or with your loved ones. Hold your device in front of […]