Simply tap an image below in Safari on iPhone or iPad, then tap the AR icon to experience the artwork in AR.*

Experience the power of custom actions in AR in our artworks below.

Tap any of the images below on a iPhone or iPad to view the object and place it in AR*.

Orange. by PZ. oil on canvas. 2015. Orange is bold and striking. It alludes to determination, and  it is symbol of a strong energy. The artist represented  the Discòbolo, extending the length of his limbs. Now the athlete as the individual is ready to face new challenges.


Green, oil con canvas. Looking at the mirror in and discover our wild identity.


Violet. Meeting between Rationality and irrationality.

Yellow, by PZ artist. oil on canvas, 2015.  The painting is animated by circular pattern. A red line is a visual metaphor: an exploration of the depths of the unconscious.

Blue, oil on canvas, 2016. The blue color is often a symbol of tranquility, of rationality. The artisti represented the color blue, using a simple geometric pattern. On the left of the composition, there are the two silhouettes, recurring in other her arworks.

White. Fill the empty.

Red. by PZ artist. oil on canvas. 2015. The artist represents the fire of passion and desire.

Black. 2016. The dark forest of our unconscious.

* Requires a device running iPadOS or iOS 12 or later.