Artinside Gallery

For Artists

Are you a painter, photographer, illustrator or designer?
Thanks to Artinside Gallery you can now display your works in full size, inside a virtual gallery realized in augmented reality. You can reach your audience around the world through the app “Artinside Gallery”, available for iPhone and iPad.

For Art Lover

Sei un curatore, un collezionista o un appassionato di arte contemporanea?
Scarica gratuitamente sul tuo iPhone/iPad la app “Artinside Gallery”, scopri gli artisti ed entra in contatto direttamente con loro.

Artinside Gallery is the first art gallery in augmented reality

Artinside Gallery is an iOS app, developed by ARTEBINARIA for iPhone and iPad, downloadable free of charge from the App Store, which uses augmented reality technology to set up a new form of art gallery, consisting of five virtual rooms, without walls. Each room, dedicated expressly to a single artist, hosts three-dimensional representations – in full size – of five pictorial or photographic works, that are perceived by the visitor – through their smartphone or tablet – as suspended in space. 

The rooms and the works are accompanied by a short sound commentary, in perfect vocal synthesis, available in Italian and English, that the visitor activates on his smartphone or on his tablet simply grazing the information panel of a room, or touching the image of each of the five works.

Exposing your works on Artinside Gallery, you can spread your Art through one of the most advanced technologies – augmented reality – anywhere in the world and at any time.

Artinside Gallery is updated regularly, like a traditional art gallery, with new proposals selected by the curator of Artebinaria

For Artist

How “Artinside Gallery” works

Step 1

Choose five digital images related to as many works that you want to display inside your virtual room

Step 2

Write a short explanatory text for each work, and a short biography of yourself

Step 3

Send digital images and texts to Artebinaria via email or Wetransfer

Step 4

After receiving your material, Artebinaria sets up your virtual room with your works, and generates the voice synthesis of the texts you have provided

A hall
in Artinside Gallery

Five Artworks

In this simulation of one of the five halls of Artinside Gallery you can see how the works are arranged in your virtual exhibition room.

Access panel to the rooms

The menu of access to the rooms consists of five panels, on each of which appears the name of the artist. 

Above the menu access to the rooms there are two buttons to choose the language (Italian and English), which allow you to activate the audio comments related to the single room and the individual artworks.

For Art lover

How “Artinside Gallery” works

Download App

Free download Artinside Gallery from the App Store

Download App

Enter the halls of Artinside Gallery

Explore the rooms, and discover the artists through their works, exposed to life size and provided with an audio commentary in speech synthesis.

Contact the artist

If you want to get in touch directly with the artist, you can use his references, present in the credits inside the App

The five exhibition rooms

Five halls, twenty-five works

By accessing Artinside Gallery you can explore the works of five artists, for a total of twenty-five artworks.

Each artwork is enriched by an audio commentary in Italian and English.

Access panel to the rooms

Touching one of the five panels that make up the menu, you can access the five exhibition rooms, and discover the works and details of each individual artist.


At the start of the app you can access the credits section, where you can find the references of the artists on display.