Adopt a museum

Would you like to offer the setting up of an Artebinaria Open-Air Museum in a location of your choice, and offer thousands of visitors free access to the open-air museum? Adopt a museum! 

artebinaria open-air museum

Artebinaria provides a standard open-air museum, consisting of 4 pavilions, with 5 exhibition rooms per pavilion, for a total of  100 artworks displayed in augmented reality, which can be set up at any GPS-covered outdoor location where Internet access is available.

Artebinaria offers, at a fixed cost, a standard exhibition period of 1 month, extendable for as many months as the sponsor wishes.

In a sponsored museum, the sponsor’s logo is visible in augmented reality in all the exhibition rooms.

The contribution for the adoption of an open-air museum in a specific location by individuals, and public or private institutions, is as follows::

– The first month: 150€
– Each additional month: 100€

For example, the geo-located set-up of an Artebinaria Open-Air Museum for 3 months costs 350€

A location of your choice

Your logo visibile in AR



specific editorial projects

Upon request, Artebinaria can develop specific editorial projects, curated by an art historian, in which the sponsor chooses the artworks to be exhibited in the museum rooms.

The artworks may be selected from Artebinaria’s catalogue of digital images, or they may be purchased by Artebinaria at the request of the sponsor.

A location of your choice

Your logo visibile in AR

Seleceted artworks

Period of your choice