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Artebinaria Open Air Museum
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Artebinaria Open-Air Museum

Location-Based Museums, in Augmented Reality.

A series of open-air exhibition spaces, dedicated to art history, come to life in augmented reality, offering an unparalleled experience for art enthusiasts, with exclusive installations that evolve over time with new proposals.
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Artinside Museum

Imaginary museum without walls, in augmented reality right in your living room.

Artinside Museum seamlessly blends art with your surroundings, redefining the boundaries of art history.
With a simple launch of the “Artinside Museum” app, available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, the museum comes alive around you.

Artinside Gallery

Exhibition Spaces without walls, in Augmented Reality

Artinside Gallery is an innovative augmented reality exhibition space accessible through the “Artinside Gallery+” app. Its purpose is to explore and experiment with the intersection of art history, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

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