Spiros Panourgias – Art Review

Maddalena Grazzini, art director of Artebinaria, presents Spiros Panourgias. The wind ruffles her long black hair, while her gaze is lost in a spot outside our field of vision. Behind her, the light blue of the water blends with the green of the promontory. A grey frame delimits the composition. Where is the young MIYUKI? […]

Artinside Gallery (August 2021)

Artebinaria presents augmented reality art exhibitions in Artinside Gallery + From 1 to 31 August 2021, Artebinaria presents three international artists exhibiting their artworks in augmented reality within Artinside Gallery+, Gro Folkan (Norway), Spiros Panourgias (Greece) and Ana Ingham (United Kingdom) Artist: Gro Folkan Gro Folkan exhibits 25 artworks in augmented reality in a Pavilion […]